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Court recommends dismissal, imprisonment of 34 soldiers




A General and Special Court Martial set up by the military has recommended 30 Nigerian Army personnel for imprisonment, according to The PUNCH.

At least four other participating in the war against insurgency in the North East were recommended for dismissal.

The Theater Commander, Operation Hadin Kai, Major General Christopher Musa, disclosed that a total of 227 soldiers were brought before the court.

He also stated that the General and Special Court Martial recommended 25 personnel for demotion, 20 for pay loss, and 17 for severe reprimand.

Musa also revealed that 10 soldiers had been discharged and acquitted, 14 cases had been dismissed, and 107 had been recommended for summary trial.

He spoke during the inauguration of a Special Court Martial to try 29 soldiers at the headquarters of the Theatre in Maimalari Barracks in Maiduguri, Borno State.

Musa said, “A total of 227 soldiers involved in the fight against insurgency within the North East of Nigeria were brought before a General and Special Court Martial set up by the military, for various cases of misconduct.

“Four soldiers have been recommended for dismissal and 30 others are to be imprisoned. 25 personnel for reduction of rank, 20 for loss of pay and 17 others to face severe reprimand.

“Also, 10 soldiers were discharged and acquitted, 14 cases were struck off while 107 were recommended for summary trial.

“What we have done is that they were recommended and forwarded to Army Headquarters. The confirming authority for the soldiers rests on the Chief of Army Staff, while the Army Council is the body to ratify the officers before the implementation.”

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