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Food security: Expert seeks govt’s intervention



The founder of Farm Awareness for Food Preservation Initiative, Edu Ogbonnaya, has called on the Federal Government and other private agencies to empower farmers across Nigeria in order to boost food safety and security in the nation.

He made this known on Tuesday during a webinar series organised by PUNCH Media Foundation themed, ‘Food security, nutrition, and food safety: The role of stakeholders in achieving better health through safer food’.

According to him, there are many factors militating against the effectiveness of Farmers in the nation to adequately create a system which will boost food security and safety.

“The farmers have many factors militating against their effectiveness hence the need for a timely intervention from both the public and private agencies to come to their rescue,” he stated.

He also reiterated the need to transform food systems to deliver better health in a sustainable manner.

“Food systems policy makers, practitioners and investors should reorient their activities to increase the sustainable production and consumption of safe foods.

“The way we build food systems and supply chains can prevent infectious and toxic hazards, as well as microbial pathogens, chemical residues, and biotoxins, from reaching our plates.”

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