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Sisters beat up Rivers teacher



A teacher at the Rumuokuta Girls Secondary School in the Obio/Akpor Local Government Area of Rivers State, Charles Ordu, has been allegedly beaten to a pulp by a female student and her sisters.

Ordu told journalists that he had caught the student cheating during an exam, adding that after she was sent home to bring her parents, she resorted to verbal abuse and tore his shirt.

He said the student later returned to the school with her sisters to attack him.

The teacher said, “I was sitting in my office. The next thing, a student ran to me and said, ‘Charles, run, that student is coming with her sisters.’ I thought as usual when a parent comes, you are coming to find out what really transpired. But where I was sitting, that was how I saw four girls.

“They walked up to me and said, ‘Are you the one that flogged our sister? You will see the mad sisters now.’

“While I remained seated, one had already gone behind me and used something to rub my eyes. Four of them gathered; they didn’t mind and started beating me up.”

Ordu said it was not the first time such a thing would happen in the school, as other teachers had suffered a similar fate in the past.

“It has become a recurring decimal to the point that the vice principal, administration, has faced it.

“Last week or thereabout, they locked a teacher inside the toilet. The students are turning into something else. There are groups that I have also reported to the management and the principal suspended those ones.

“Those ones are into drugs. They come to school with Indian hemp. They take cocaine and cigarette. I had caught and punished them several times. Fortunately, the day the management also invited them, lighters and those things were found in their bags,” he added.

Reacting to the incident, the Chairman, Nigeria Union of Teachers, Obip/Akpor LGA branch, Derek Amadi, condemned the attack on the teacher.

He described the incident as an insult to society and urged parents to do better in the upbringing of their children.

Amadi said, “Parents should be cautioned. If there is any situation in school, they should first report to the school authorities.

“In this case, they should report to the principal or the headmistress where the matter would be taken to the appropriate quarters, and not to come and harass teachers.”

He threatened that any further attack on teachers would be taken up by the union.

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