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Tweeps lament high cost of Tiger generator



Alex Omenye


Since the Buhari regime took over power in 2015, Nigerians across different strata have struggled to survive amid the poor economy.


The realities are not far-fetched. Unemployment is on the rise, petrol subsidy is still the nightmare of Nigerians and the naira has been on a downward slope and Nigerians who can afford to leave the country have left in droves.


Last weekend, Twitter users were jolted by the news that a popular generator that’s peculiar to low-income Nigerians, small tiger generator known as ‘I-big-pass-my-neighbour’ now goes for N110,000.


A check on Nigerian e-commerce site; Jumia showed that New Tiger Generator TG1550/1580 sells N110,000 while models went for N55,000 depending on the model. On Konga, Tiger generator, Tg1200 goes for N70,000. The lowest price for a small tiger generator was N58,500.


Tweeps took to Twitter to express their shock at the price and sad reality of the Nigerian economy.


“Tiger Gen is 110,000 and this doesn’t worry you?” Aproko Doctor, health influencer tweeted.

Aproko Doctor’s tweet spark conversations immediately.

“Wait,which tiger gen ?” @dj_wheelson tweeted in shock


“Back then in uni, I bought tiger Gen @ 25k” @kcy_Melek

“Sorry which tiger gen, the same one we bought at about 10k while in university…. kai” @wilfred_MD remembered the old days.


“I bought my Tiger gen 9k in university” @OnyedikaAnambra tweeted.


“This tiger gen, famously known as “I better pass my neighbour” used to be 14k until the APC government came to ‘better’ the economy” @oyiboediri said criticizing the Buhari administration.


“I remember when I tweeted this. Today someone tweeted that Tiger Gen is now. N110,000. Last week a bike man tolds me the Bajaj motorcycle he bought for N300,000 7 months ago is now over N400,000.” @uwagbale tweeted._


“Na to dey maintain my gen well o

If tiger can be at this price, sumec nko” @D_Deraaa replied.


“Bought brand new original tiger gen in my year one for 14k” @kelecie


“Ehhhhhh tiger gen???????

I better pass my neighbor is 110k??????

Lord, take me out of this country” @IyereKristoffer, tweeted in shock.

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